What is the difference between Retired Sails and Recycled Pre-Consumer Sails?

Our retired sales have a weathered look and feel about them. We thoroughly clean each retired sail to ready it for it's next adventure.  The weathered look with original stitch work, any sail numbers and blemishes gives one of a kind character and tells a story of many adventures on one of our 10,000 lakes.  Each retired sail comes from members of the sailing community throughout Minnesota who want to give a new life to old sails. We are thankful for every one!

Our pre-consumer sails are just that.  They are remnants from brand new sails.  They are bright, blemish free, and new - waiting for their adventure to begin!

Whether retired or new - each sail is authentic, made in the USA, and each of our sail products is hand cut and produced by us in Minnesota!

Cleaning your sail bag.

Each of our products lists the best way to clean them.  A good rule of thumb is that all sailcloth items can be machine washed.  It is preferred to spot clean them with a mild detergent or fels-naptha. If you prefer to machine wash - It is best to wash them in a washer that does not have a center agitator. Machine wash cold; delicate cycle with a mild detergent (one that does not have chlorine or bleach).  It is best to remove any rope attachments prior to placing the item in the washing machine and spot clean them or place them in a separate garment bag in the washing machine.  Air dry/line dry ONLY - each sailcloth item.  Placing any sailcloth item in the dryer could melt the sail.

Can you customize something for me with my own logo or design?

We embroider every item ourselves.  We love custom so bring it!  We can accommodate yacht club burgees, wedding party, corporate logos, etc. for an additional digitizing fee.

Do you accept sail donations?

You bet!  We are thankful for each donation made by the sailing community who is conscious of recycling.  For each donation we receive, we always make something custom from your sail just for you.  We appreciate sails that are in good condition (its ok if they are dirty - we thoroughly clean each sail prior to production.) However, we appreciate your good judgement - if the sail has dry rot or doesn't appear to be rot free, please do not send it to us.  Contact us for further information.

Who makes your products?

Our sailcloth products are handmade by us.  We design and embroider all of our products.  We pride ourselves on each and every sailcloth item we make by hand with an eye for detail and attention to quality.