Traditional Monogram

Mary Elizabeth Dillingham

First Name l  Last Name l Middle(or Maiden)Name
(Last Name Initial is the Center letter and is larger than the first and middle initial)


 Straight Monogram

Georgia Kathryn McMullen

First Name Initial Middle (or Maiden) Name Initial I Last Name Initial
(All letters are the same size) 


Couples Monogram


Ashley & Robert Clem

Woman's First Name Initial I Last Name Initial I Husband First Name Initial

(Last Name Initial is the Center Letter and is larger)


For a last name like “von Smith” or “O’Henry” or “McDonald” .  Use the first letter of the last name: “V,” “O,” or “M.”

For example,  Eleanor Short von Smith, her Traditional monogram would be EVS. (V the larger letter in the center) Her Straight Monogram would be ESV. 

For a fun variation, use the "vS", "OH", or McD in the monogram (make sure you know whether the family capitalizes the “v” or “OH” or “McD.”